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What is Fundscrip?

Riverview United Church has partnered with Fundscrip to help us raise money for our church. Why? Because it is so easy to raise money this way!

There are over 200 retailers taking part in the program, with lots of options right here in East Hants. 

How does it work? Buy a gift card through the church (you can order or sometimes we have what you need in stock!) then do what you normally do shop, eat, buy gas, etc., using your gift cards instead of your bank card, credit card or cash.

If only 20 families bought a $100 in grocery store cards each week, the church would make over $3000 for the year. Many of us spend $100 a week or more at the grocery store, why not use a gift card so the church makes a little money (about $3) each time as well???

Maybe $3 doesn’t sound like a lot, but Pictou United Church raised over $21, 000 with about 30 people supporting their program.

Please check the narthex for order forms or download one below. Gift cards make great Christmas gifts!


Call Pat at the office for more info:


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