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Pastoral Care Team Ministry

2020 brought the need for a pastoral care ministry team at Riverview United Church (Nine Mile River is a much smaller faith community so it is easier to make sure their pastoral care needs are met) to the top of our needs list.

So, we created one! We meet monthly to discuss the pastoral care needs of Riverview United's Faith Community. We also  committed to making sure that every household on our list was contacted by phone during the beginning months of this pandemic. Since then, we had another calling campaign just to ask, "How are you doing?" Our whole purpose is to make sure we all know that we are loved and cared for by our church community - and you are!

Call 902-883-9274 to request a call or visit from Rev. Kim

Janet Hannaford is our Liaison with the local long-term care facilities.

She can be contacted at 902-883-2576

Pastoral Care Callers

Please call one of the following team members if you need a pastoral care call:

    Betty O'Neill Allen:   902-883-9026
    Eunice Parks:            902-883-8519

    Marge Wagner:       902-883-2226

Woman on Her Phone
Friends in the Lake

Pastoral Care Visitors

Please contact the following team members if you need a pastoral care visit:

    John Wagner:   902-883-2226

    Al Wallace:         902-883-2483

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